Product Packaging & Engineering

Before production, DMC works with our customers to offer packaging services to provide as many product appearance and form factor options as our customer’s desire.

Injection Molding/Blow Molding

Our in-house injection molding and blow molding capabilities is part of our turnkey production solutions. With more than 60 sets of molds for HDPE and PET bottles & containers, our customers know they can depend on DMC to work with them on their packaging configurations and on their supply chain options.

Packet or Pouche Filling

DMC offers innovative packet options for all your single use/ unit dose requirements utilizing vertical and horizontal packet filling machinery. These include, but are not limited to single packets, tandem or side-by-side packets, and even packets connected in strips of three or more. Packets are an economical way to share your product with consumers in the form of a free sample and/or retail your product in unit dose packages as part of a regimen. Ask us about our numerous available material and print options for your application.


This includes in-line production labeling for containers of all shapes and sizes; single-sided and two-sided pressure-sensitive labeling, silk-screening. We can also provide all types of orifice sealing needs.

For finished product packaging, we offer options from printed boxes or kits, cases, shipping cartons, shrink-wrapping, blister packing, and any type of assembly required. In summary, we can provide any size, style, design, type, configuration of packaging in plastic, glass, tin, cans, pails, drums, totes, and tankers.