Snap-Tip™ Tubes

Patented Liquid Packaging Solutions from DMC

The Snap-Tip™ tube is just one of the patented liquid packaging solutions available from Diversified Manufacturing Corporation. Each tube is fitted with a very precise tip that can be customized to any size to fit your application needs. And unlike messy pouches, this unique unit dose packaging system gives the user complete control over the flow of the contents, thus providing efficient use of your entire product.

Snap-Tip™ tubes

Snap-Tip™ Tube Product Specs

  • Sizes are available from .2mL to 60mL
  • Can be filled with creams, gels or liquids
  • Made from polypropylene or polyethylene material
  • Available tube colors are white or opaque
  • Can be labeled to your specifications

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DMC owns the intellectual property rights for U.S. Patent # 5,826,600 and 6,406,451