Laboratory and R&D Services

lab-dmc-RandDOur Research & Development services are fast, effective and above all reliable. DMC provides R&D services for our customers on all types of new products and/or the modification or enhancement of existing products. If you have an idea for a new product, be assured that DMC can help you create it – and at no charge.

Our fully equipped and professionally staffed laboratory features a wide array of test equipment that enables us to provide unparalleled service when handling any kind of development project. Every project that is undertaken by the R&D lab will be shelf life tested and have a full safety assessment conducted before it leaves the lab. In return, every project adheres to our Standards of Product Design (SPD) guidelines to ensure that we continually develop the best products for our customers needs.

  • New Concepts
  • Duplication
  • Enhancement for Better Performance
  • Modifications for Other Applications

lab-dmc-RandD2 Laboratory Services

  • Fully-staffed R&D and Quality Control Laboratory
  • On-demand Testing
  • Custom Result Reporting Available
  • Materials Control/Traceability System (as required)
  • Full Retain Program (raw and finished goods with three-year standard retention)
  • Certificates of Analysis

Testing Services

  • Stability Testing
  • Full Microbial Testing
  • HPLC Testing
  • Spectrophotometry Testing
  • Specific Gravity
  • Flow Test
  • Foam Test
  • Testing for Solids, PH, Viscosity, etc.
  • Active Ingredient Testing for Certification/Compliance