Quality Assurance

Specification Compliance
dmc-mn-quality-assuranceDMC is an FDA, EPA, ATF, and Haz. Mat. approved facility, operating under strict Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) guidelines. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of product quality on every production run by incorporating disciplined processes into our systems to assure conformance in all aspects of our operation.

The Quality Assurance department assures that products produced at DMC meet all customer requirements and specifications. DMC exceeds expectations by ensuring that products are blended to its customers exacting standards while providing technical support for its packaging processes. All raw materials and blended products are vigorously tested to assure conformance to specifications. Random in-line sampling is also used by our laboratory personnel to monitor process variance and regulate tight control throughout the filling process.

DMC maintains a fully-equipped on-site laboratory and a staff of highly trained quality assurance chemists to support its blending and packaging processes. In our testing facility, each chemist uses the latest methods of analysis and state-of-the-art instruments under our standard operating guidelines. This includes, technical assistance including formula modifications, optional propellants and new product collaboration. In return, our process chemists are available virtually 24/7 to assist in questions, technical concerns and troubleshooting.

Environmental Policy

DMC is totally dedicated to the safe operation of its manufacturing facility, the health and safety of our employees, and to the protection of the environment. Along with our own standards, we also follow the guidelines of other leading industrial organizations in the U.S. and other parts of the world in environmental safety. DMC also takes proactive and extreme caution in protecting all products from any cross contamination problems thus eliminating safety and liability issues for everyone.