Plastic Bottle & Tube Molding

Many Options in Plastic Molding

Blow Molding

DMC provides custom blow molding for production, short-run or prototype molding and liquid fill contract manufacturing. Our one-step process uses Blow/Fill/Seal (BFS) technology for a range of customers, in a variety of industries. Our B/F/S system utilizes LDPE, to produce custom bottles filled with sterile liquid, emulsions, or creams in volumes from 0.2 mL to 1000 mL.

Stretch Molding

DMC can also provide stretch molding for your project. The manufacture of PET containers can be made with a 1-step or a 2-step process. The 1-step process, based on the concept of integrating the preform injection process with the preform stretch-blowing process, results in a container obtained directly from plastic resin in a single machine. The 2-step process features the manufacture of plastic containers in two separate stages: first preforms are injection molded on an injection machine and then are re-heated and stretch-blown on a blowing machine.

Fusion Molding

DMC offers customer fusion molding for many types of single dose or unit dose tube applications. Our proprietary rotary fusion molding machines can continuously output a plethora of sizes and tube configurations which enables a seamless production process, when coupled with our proprietary rotary filling machines. This ensures that we possess the capabilities to always fulfill our customers stringent product specifications when it comes to their application.






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